PDC special-shaped series

Produced the diamond planar structure of the diamond composite drill teeth into the shape of a ridge. This special-shaped diamond composite  drill bit has a strong cutting and drilling ability during the drilling process, which is beneficial to the rapid discharge of rock cuttings during the drilling process and the reduction of the drilling process resistance, increase the mechanical rotation speed of the bit during the drilling process, greatly improve the drilling capacity and efficiency of the special-shaped diamond combination drill bit, drilling ability and efficiency in geological structures such as difficult formations, complex formations, hard formations, interlayers are obvious.

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    Product structure diagram

    Specifications and dimensions

    Series Specifications Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Diamond layer thickness (mm) Composite layer chamfer (ɑ) Base chamfer (ɑ)
    13 ZYD1308 13.44±0.03 8.00±0.03 2.5±0.05 0.4mm*45° 0.8mm*45°
    ZYD1313 13.44±0.03 13.20±0.03 2.5±0.05 0.4mm*45° 0.8mm*45°
    ZYD1316 13.44±0.03 16.00±0.03 2.5±0.05 0.4mm*45° 0.8mm*45°
    16 ZYD1608 15.88±0.03 8.00±0.03 2.8±0.05 0.4mm*45° 0.8mm*45°
    ZYD1613 15.88±0.03 13.20±0.03 2.8±0.05 0.4mm*45° 0.8mm*45°
    ZYD1616 16.00±0.03 16.00±0.03 2.8±0.05 0.4mm*45° 0.8mm*45°
    19 ZYD1908 19.05±0.05 8.00±0.03 2.8±0.05 0.4mm*45° 0.8mm*45°
    ZYD1913 19.05±0.05 13.20±0.03 2.8±0.05 0.4mm*45° 0.8mm*45°
    ZYD1916 19.05±0.03 16.00±0.03 2.8 ±0.05 0.4mm*45° 0.8mm*45°

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