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Jinhua Zhongye Super Hard Materials Co., Ltd. is a high -tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of polyst crystal diamond composite super -hard materials. Academy of Sciences Jinhua Science and Technology Park, key backbone enterprises, the company’s main products are new type of petroleum diamond exploration of polycrystalline diamond composite and new high -performance cutting tools for polycrystal diamond composite; The development of shale oil and gas drilling and high -end cutting processing.

Relying on the Jinhua Science and Technology Park of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the team formed by an overseas doctorate in the United States and other overseas returns, and the team of engineering and technical personnel returned abroad is the original technical source. During the process of technology integration, experts and professors in related fields were gathered. Stepping team. The company has now authorized 15 practical new patents, 8 patents have been authorized, and 4 invention patents have been accepted.

The company -developed ultra -fine (1 μm) polycrystalline diamond composite material solves the problem of stuck neck neck that restricts the technology progress of my country’s polyc crystal diamond composite materials, and breaks the consumer electronics products of domestic aerospace engines, automotive engines, wind turbines, 3C and other consumer electronics products. The field of high precision machine processing field has long -term dependent import of polycrystalline diamond composite materials, which has increased the share of my country’s super -hard material products in domestic and foreign markets.