PDC Series

Oil, natural gas, shale oil & gas drilling development and geological drilling polycrystalline diamond compact

PDC material performance introduction

Oil, natural gas, shale oil & gas drilling development and geological drilling polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC)

The PDC blank produced by Zhongye Company adopts the self-developed assembly process and sintering process. It is one time sintered by Sandvik diamond micropowder and special hard alloy under high temperature and high pressure. It adopts unique production and testing technology to make the product.It has good wear resistance, self-sharpness and impact resistance, and it is widely used in oil, natural gas drilling development and geological drilling. Feedback from many domestic and foreign customers is great.

PDC Series

ZYZ-Y Series

ZYZ-Y series products are new polycrystalline diamond compact  developed by our company. They have excellent properties such as high hardness, high strength, wear resistance, heat resistance and impact resistance, and they are excellent in various mechanical properties. This series drill bit is suitable for shale gas, deep sea and complex geological structures and directional wells application.

ZYZ-Z Series

ZYZ-Z series products adopt the self-development  assembly process and high temperature and high pressure sintering process  by our company, which makes the products have good impact resistance and toughness. This series oil drill bits are especially suitable for the exploration of oil gas in deep sea. The feedback from the customer’s actual drilling proves that the product has excellent impact resistance and wear resistance, and the quality has reached the domestic leading and international advanced level.

ZYZ-R Series

ZYZ-R series products adopt unique assembly and high temperature and ultra high pressure production processes to make the products have high hardness, high strength and high wear resistance. This series oil drill bits are especially suitable for hard formations such as the mining of difficult formations with difficult terrain, relatively abrasive formations, interlayers and so on.

ZYZ-S Series

ZYZ-S series products are suitable for medium and shallow bottom layer and geological drilling, coal mine and engineering drill bit, with good wear resistance and impact resistance.

PDC Specifications and sizes

Series Specifications Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Diamond layer thickness (mm) Composite layer chamfer (ɑ) Base chamfer (ɑ)
13 ZYD1308 13.44±0.03 8.00±0.03 2.5±0.05 0.4mm*45° 0.8mm*45°
ZYD1313 13.44±0.03 13.20±0.03 2.5±0.05 0.4mm*45° 0.8mm*45°
ZYD1316 13.44±0.03 16.00±0.03 2.5±0.05 0.4mm*45° 0.8mm*45°
16 ZYD1608 15.88±0.03 8.00±0.03 2.8±0.05 0.4mm*45° 0.8mm*45°
ZYD1613 15.88±0.03 13.20±0.03 2.8±0.05 0.4mm*45° 0.8mm*45°
ZYD1616 16.00±0.03 16.00±0.03 2.8±0.05 0.4mm*45° 0.8mm*45°
19 ZYD1908 19.05±0.05 8.00±0.03 2.8±0.05 0.4mm*45° 0.8mm*45°
ZYD1913 19.05±0.05 13.20±0.03 2.8±0.05 0.4mm*45° 0.8mm*45°
ZYD1916 19.05±0.03 16.00±0.03 2.8 ±0.05 0.4mm*45° 0.8mm*45°

PDC Application field

Oil,  natural gas,  geological drilling,  shale oil & gas drilling development

PDC Cutter is suitable for making petroleum drill bits, coal mine drill bits and cutters.
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PDC is mainly applicable for PDC drilling bit for drilling into soft and intermediate-hardness stratum. 
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