Build a first-class production base of high-end composite superhard materials

Quality · Sincerity · Service · Win-win


Continuous efforts and innovation, with the mission of establishing first-class enterprises and cultivating first-class talents, is committed to the research and development and application of superhard materials, and strives for the rational development of energy for mankind and the conservation of energy.


To meet the needs of customers for the ultimate purpose, to serve customers wholeheartedly, establish and maintain a good reputation to become a technology leader in superhard materials, to be a world-class superhard material supplier and service provider.

Corporate Culture

  • Unity: mutual respect, mutual trust, mutual help, we are a strong group.
  • Truth seeking: people oriented, down-to-earth, truthful and practical, do everything seriously
  • Courtesy: know how to give, know how to be grateful, treat people and things with awe, and be humble and respectful to people.
  • Enterprising: Gentle life, strong work, positive, continuous efforts and innovation, constantly surpassing ourselves